Best Paid Online Survey Sites 2016 To Make Money Online

Best paid online survey sites 2014

Using these best paid online survey sites you will make money at least $1500 per month with the tips I will give you.

I have earned money online with paid for over 3 years and through which I was able pay my high school fees, and also was financially okay in my place of work surprising everybody despite earning the same level of salary with them. That is exactly the one of the beauty of making money online. You can work offline and still have the time make cool cash online.

But you must understand that making money online via paid surveys does not come easy. You must put lots of effort, be consisient and remained focused. And one of the best ways to make reasonable money online with paid survey sites is to join and work with more than one surveys websites. Personally, what I do is that I work with at least. And promote my referral links using ptc adverts, advertising them on popular work from home forums with high number of USA members. I also have a facebook ad that brings me at least 20 referrals per day from my ad targeted country such as USA. You may click on to learn 50 amazing ways you can get referrals to your sites. And also make sure to always complete surveys daily where they are available. Here, I shall expose all the secrets to making big money online through surveys, but before we start, check out the lists of survey websites that actually pay.

Paid Survey Sites

Below are the lists of best paid survey sites currently online. They are briefly explained, you may click on the link to visit any of them for more info. They are listed started according to the most paying survey sites downwards.

If you really want to earn big with paid online surveys, you must join more than one websites. At least 7-10 websites will get you there.

Cashcrate is one of the best paid survey sites 2014, if not the best, currently online. You can earn money with them by taking daily research surveys, doing shopping online with money back. Cashcrate has been online for a very long time with over 2 million members worldwide. There are no fees required to join and you must be at least 13 years and above to join. In fact you are given $5 as a bonus when you sign up and confirm your email. They payout thousands of dollars to their members every month, you can head to their payment wall or forum to see payment proofs or speak with their members. Daily surveys alone worth more than $200 per month per member, apart from other surveys and ways to earn with them. So it guarantees you at least $200 per month apart from other surveys. However, cashcrate accept countries like USA, Canada, UK, and some top English speaking countries. But the three mentioned countries are highly favored with top paying surveys. If you are from USA, then this site is a must join. I make at least $800 a month on cashcrate. They are one of the best paid online survey sites that pay cash through Paypal and several other payment methods to choose from such as Direct Bank Deposit, Check,and Dwolla A must joinetc.

Superpayme is a survey site that allocates cash to members for every survey they complete. You can also earn through product trial, paid to read email etc. The cash can be redeemable for gift cards or withdraw via Paypal, Prepaid Visa Card, Payza or Check. They accept all countries however you must be at least 13 years and above to be able to join. You can login to the site daily to complete daily surveys and also check your email regularly for new info. Payment are made instantly.You may also read their earning tips, so you can earn lot of cash like so many of their members do. Don’t miss out on this site.

Surveysavvy another paid survey site online. Companies are looking for consumer opinion from people like you and I, and surveysavvy has being connecting us to those companies and pay us cash for our opinions. Signup with surveysavvy and complete your profile, they will use those info to target various demorgraphic groups according to the criteria established by their clients. Whenever your profile matches the basic criteria for a certain survey, they will notify or invite you through email, so make sure to check your mail regularly. There is no guarantee of how many survey you can receive, it is based on personal profile and what there clients are looking for, and if you fit into any of the open quota group. The amount of surveys receive varies, but you may receive more based on your profile. It is one of the best get paid to sites currently online. Payment are made via check, make sure to fill in your real mail address. I will suggest you sign up to this site while still working with other paid survey sites, they don’t send surveys daily but you will receive surveys that pay high at least 3 times in a week. Just make sure you complete your profile and check the website and your email regularly.

Rewardingways is a paid survey site 2014 that have being online over 8 years. You can make money by completing surveys, offers, watch videos, searching, shopping and polls. They are among the top Legitmate Paid Surveys online. You earn cash for each survey you complete, you will earn cash every time you complete cash offers. Offers that pay less $3 give you one Gold coin. Offer that pay higher will pay you more. The payment methods are check and paypal. Members can request for instant payment with a fee. Here you can complete surveys as well as offers. You can see offers that worth 5$ when completed. I will suggest you learn on the site on how to be perfect at completing offers so as to earn big with them too. You will also receive $5 sign up bonus once you join.A must join

Vindale Research Mobile let you earn cash for taking surveys online. They have lots of high paying surveys and pay consisttly without problem. You are paid though Paypal and Check. They pay without problem, but you must be valid USA resident and 18 years and above to be able to join. The surveys are very easy to earn with and pays good as well. A good addition to the lists of your paid surveys you work with, don’t miss out! USA Only.

Mindspay US is another paid survey website that accepts member from USA Only. You must be age of 13 and above and a resident of USA to be able to join. They are also have good paying surveys like the above sites, but you must be a USA resident to be able to take part. The payment methods is Paypal.

Getpaid is one of the best paid survey sites with amazing features. They have being online for over 6 years and paying consistently. They have several other ways you can make money from them apart from paid surveys. You can earn money trying doing daily surveys, trying products etc. Coins will be credited to your account for every survey you take and the coins are converted to cash and withdraw instantly via Paypal, Perfect Money and Webmoney, Neteller, Western Union Money Transfer etc. The minimum withdrawal is 250 coins which is equivalent $0.5.

Hiving is also a paid survey site that accept all international members. It has been online for a very long time and paying without problem. Members are paid for every survey they take on the site. Surveys are rare to find on this site, so make sure to register on other survey sites to have more options. The surveys here may not be regular so if you are joining make sure it is not the only survey site you are working with.

Offernation is a premier loyalty program online that rewards their members with cash and point, the global reward currency just like credit card loyalty points. Through their loyalty program you will be able to earn rewards for something you already do online every day. Members can work from home, all the while earning more cash. They reward members for answering surveys, shopping online, watching paid videos, reading emails and searching the web. With their great online coupons, you can get double cash for the purchases you make from your favourite online shopping sites. You can cashout you cash through paypal, Check or use it to get amazon gift cards and variety of rewards available in their stores etc.

Points2shop is among the Highest paying survey sites online, they reward members with 250 point worth $2.50 when they register and confirm their emails. You will earn money completing surveys and trying products and doing other offers. It is one of the most popular survey sites with over 6 million members and still increasing. All countries are accepted to join and make money on the site. The minimum payout is $0.5 and the payemt methods are paypal, apyza, check, dwolla and gift cards.

Treasuretroopers is a new paid survey site and one of the free online surveys sites that pay. They have a other ways of making money online such as surveys, shopping online, watching paid videos and reading emails. They have been online for over 4 years and paying consistently. The minimum payout is $20 and the payout methods are paypal, payza, check and gift cards and the payments are made instantly without delay.

Zoombuck is a paid survey site that pays daily for every survey their member completes daily, PTC ads and other offers are an easy way to earn money online everyday with more than 700 worlwide offers available. If you reach the minimum of $1.00 you get paid through instant Paypal, Payza, moneybookers, Neteller or Amazon Gift cards.

Squishycash is an online paid survey site that members can earn “Survey Dollars” for every survey they complete. They have lot of monthly price draw and users can exchange their “Survey Dollars” for cash, Air Mail Reward or may chose to donate their reward to any charity. Members can download their app which they can use to complete surveys directly from their phone. But understand that this can send your all browsing history to the site. So if you are the type that keep privacy strictly personal then I suggest you move on to other survey sites.

Sendearningsis a popular paid survey site like the above sites that people can voice their opinion on various subjects especially the surrounding public health, market research etc. The points they earn can be redeemed for various rewards such as cash which can be withdrawn via check or debit card and gift card that can be used on online stores. You can sign up easily using your facebook account, however, surveys are not always available which why you need to register on more than one site.

iSurveyworld another survey site online with surveys for members. Here you will be paid for every survey you take and cashout through Paypal.
I-say.comis a paid survey website that Provide its members with a forum where their opinions are guarantee to be heard. Members will tell them their thoughts on everything such as global brand, entertainment, and more, and they take your feedback straight to those who have the power to influence change. You are paid through Paypal. is one of the 2014 that offer surveys for professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and many other health care professionals. The surveys are mainly medical surveys that pay very high. You will get cash for every completed survey and cashout via Paypal.

Surveydownline is one of the best paid survey sites that send surveys by invitation-only. It is survey site that allow US members and every member who complete surveys earn cash and also opportunities for members to participate in product testing and get paid for doing so. The minimum cashout is $5 and the cashout method is Paypal.(US, CAN, UK, AU) Only is a paid survey community in which members earn points for every survey they take, for creating polls, and referring friends. Points can be redeemed for various gift cards and cash such as Check, Amazon gift cards etc. members do not have to wait for survey invites they can easily log into the website and research for available surveys. is a survey website that pays members cash for every survey member take online. You are paid in cash via Paypal.

Opinion place is a paid survey site in which members have to log in on weekly base in oder to complete survey. They are paid cash for every survey they take and quickly cashout their money without delay. The cashout methods are Amazon cards, AAdvantage and more.

Quest mindshare is one of the paid online surveys that focus on music rating. As a member, you will earn cash for every 15 minute music rating surveys. The surveys are usually short and the average length of most of the surveys are just 15 minutes. The payment method is Paypal. is a popular paid survey site that offer cash for every survey their members complete. They pay users in dollars and in pounds and they also have the opportunity of joining their monthly price draw for completing surveys, referring friends and for survey screenouts. The cashout method is Paypal and the minimum cashout is $8. (£4)

America consumer opinion is an online paid survey site that give points for every survey their members completed and 1 point is = 1penny. They also have special assignment surveys. The payment method is Paypal, Check or Tango gift voucher which you can use at Amazon, Starbucks, ITunes and other major retailers. is an online community dedicated to make your voice heard tell one of the world leading providers of surveys what you think and earn rewards for participating in surveys. And one of the legitimate online that pay.You can also express yourself through pool and opinion you create directly on Toluna. Let other people to find and know what you think and also find out if they think the same as you. Poll and opinion create on toluna can also be included in your website. Every service toluna offer is completely free and you will be rewarded points for participating activities. Points are form of virtual currency awarded to toluna members for various actions, these include: participation in surveys; inviting friends to toluna who complete registration; completing profile surveys. When you sign up on toluna you will receive 500 points to welcome you to the site. And when you earn at least 60,000 points you may redeem your points for rewards, such as vouchers for great shops and brands. To stay up to date on all offers, please visit the reward center. You are paid through paper voucher, electronic voucher, bank transfer or paypal.

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Ipsos access is comprised of hundred thousands of people who share their opinions. Members take surveys and help shape the products and service they all use everyday. As a panel member you have the opportunity to take surveys and influence the marketplace on wide variety of subjects. Many panelists even get to see new ideas or test new products and services before the general public. You will earn reward point which can redeem high street vouchers and amazon gift certificate. Most surveys are worth 5 to 250 points and members get an average of 4 surveys each month. Note that the number of survey you receive will vary most of the panelists receive at least one survey invitation every month. Based on their profile information, some members receive a few more than this. It is always your decision about whether or not you take surveys.

Best Paid Survey Websites

Best Paid Survey Websites is an online survey site that members earn opinion points for surveys they complete. These points can be converted to cash and withdraw via Paypal, Gift Cards and more. You can also participate and earn a chance to win their quarterly cash draws and random prize draws. is a market research survey website that pay cash via check for every online survey their members complete. Points are given for every survey you complete and this are redeem for cash. The minimum requirement for cashout is 10,000 points which is equal to $10. is a one of the best paid survey sites online that rewards members with cash through check, merchandise and Visa prepaid card for every medical surveys and online surveys they complete. However only practical medical professionals that work in the health industries are accepted. is online free get paid to do survey site. Surveys are sent through Invites base on surveys that match your interests or geographical location etc so make sure to fill your profile info after registration. The surveys are about your views on brands, products and services. The payment is cash via Paypal.

Best survey sites is a paid survey website that rewards you to share your ideas and build brands joining MyWord will give you the opportunity to put stamp on the market products and services that you use every day. You will earn reward for giving out your thoughts and time. You will be rewarded with gift cards which you can redeemed at any of your favourite online retailers. The gift cards retailers are Amazon Gifts, CVS/Pharmacy, Groupon, Barnes and Noble and Home Depot. They accept USA and UK residents only. is the best paid survey site for kids between 6 to 12 years. It is owned by C&R Research Company. However they only obtain opinions from kids when they get approval from their parents and fully in line with the online privacy protection. They reward the kids that take surveys with Kidzpoints which can be redeemed for cash and also as bonus prizes. is one of the best paid online survey sites that pay cash to IT professionals and IT purchasing decision makers for participating in their paid surveys. You will be paid cash for every survey you complete and cashout your money when you reach the minimum of $50. This can be difficult to reach if you don’t put much effort. It is a survey site that pays only through check so make sure to fill your correct mailing address. is a paying online survey site that sends out surveys to all their members. You can also do bulletin board on the website, but they don’t send much surveys to members and there have been complaints about the site for lack of surveys, however they pay good when available. It is a survey site that really pay cash through check, you can request check for any amount and it will arrive within 7 -10 days. is a special paid online survey panel that explores the characters and attitudes of nationwide college students. As a member you will be able to receive points in exchange for your opinions. And the points can be redeemed through Amazon Gift Cards Certificate, iTunes Gift Cards or you can convert your points and cashout via Paypal.

We hope the above listed paid survey sites will be of great use to your online income. If you have any other paid survey sites you think that pay well, please do not hesitate to drop it here using the comment box below. It will be more better if you include a link to their payment proof. Until then, we wish you happy earning on the above listed best paid survey sites.


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